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Post Room Assistant

The EOSS Post Room Assistant is a convenient application that enables you to get your post to the correct inbox.

All you need to have is a scanner that can be configured to send documents to a directory on a local computers or send the scanned documents to an email address.

Once the document has been scanned the EOSS Post Room Assistant converts the document into a text format and then applies NLP (Natural Language Processing) to determine the type of document and the intended recipient. Once this has been determined the EOSS Post Room Assistant will convert the document to a PDF format and email it to the correct inbox within your organisation.

EOSS Post Room Assistant works with our own Dropbox like utility eDrive so if you can configure your scanner to scan documents to a local directory, all you need to do is configure eDrive to sync the directory to our CMIS enabled Content Repository, and EOSS Post Room assistant will take care of the rest.

When you sign up for EOSS Post Room Assistant we will ask you for a list of classifications for the types of documents you receive along with email addresses of the intended recipients. For instance if one of your classifications is invoices and the target recipient is your Finance department then EOSS Post Room assistant will email all detected invoices to the inbox of the accounts department.

If a personal letter arrives for the CEO then EOSS Post Room Assistant can even detect this and make sure that the CEO gets his mail in his inbox. …